Starting side-by-side, going tread-to-tread,
the finish wasn’t even close

In our tractor tire traction demonstrations, the Firestone 23° R-1 has out-performed the 45° R-1W. Better traction can save more horsepower, more fuel and more time in the field.

It’s one reason why Firestone, today, is the most preferred farm tire brand in North America – and how Firestone earned its title “Leader in the Field.”

A fair and equal demonstration – in front of 50 observers

Recently, Michelin has challenged that leadership with claims that the traction of their tires is as good, or better, than the Firestone tire with the 23° tread. Rather than compete in a war of words, a tire traction demonstration was conducted in a harvested field of corn near Slater, Iowa.

The Firestone Radial All Traction 23° R-1 ran tread-to-tread against the Michelin® Agribib® R-1W.

The demonstration, designed and set-up to be as fair and equal as possible, involved two drive tractors – one fitted with the Firestone brand tires, the other with the Michelin brand. The two tractors would run in the same field, at the same time, pulling the same load. After completion of one run, the tractors would exchange rear tires and then run again.¹

Exchanging tires would assure that the demonstration results rode solely on the performance of the tires and not on a difference between the two tractors.

Firestone easily out-pulled the Michelin tires

After the first quarter mile run, the tractor fitted with the Firestone Radial All Traction 23° R-1 tires finished 37 ft 4 in – over 12 full yards – ahead of the tractor fitted with the Michelin Agribib R-1Ws.

In the second run, following the exchange of tires between tractors, the tractor fitted with the Firestone tires once again finished ahead – 36 ft 8 in – of the tractor fitted with the Michelin tires.

Winning at the finish line, improving your bottom line

Considering the tractor with the Firestone tires averaged 37 ft ahead of the one with the Michelins – after just a quarter mile – think about the acres you could be ahead, the extra work you could get done and the gallons of fuel you could save after a full day in the field.

And what that means after a full season – or over the lifetime of the tires.

Learn more about the 23° difference by visiting your Firestone Certified Farm Tire Dealer.

When it comes to having the best traction, getting the most work done and saving the most fuel, nothing kicks dirt like Firestone.

This video shows how the traction demonstration was set up. Click to view.

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